Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Crack with a cherry on top

I'm not a fan of the American fast food industry, but there are 2 pieces of food I just can't get out of my mind.


Michael and I were road tripping in the States during the summer. While we were driving through some obscure small town he suddenly exclaimed in joy and pointed to a Krispy Kreme building. Now I had no clue what Krispy Kreme was, so Michael explained to me that it was a doughnut restaurant. But that wasn't what got him all excited, it was the Hot Now sign!

So naturally we had to drive through, and he ordered more doughnuts than I thought we could eat. But when I took my first bite of that doughnut it was like (a dutch saying) an angel peed on my tongue. That thing was goooood! So delicious and fresh. Man, I never had a doughnut like that before in my life. I don't think Americans understand the doughnut horror we experience here in the Netherlands. There is not a single doughnut shop that I know of. All our doughnuts come from supermarkets and are dry and gross. Seriously, there are no delicious doughnuts in my country. It should be a sin. 

Those doughnuts have a special place in my memory closet. And every now and then I open that drawer and look at it fondly and I'll say to those past doughnuts, don't you worry now, I'll get you some friends soon!


In the Netherlands, we don't have tasty milkshakes. All we have are some thin, chemical tasting milkshakes, or the milkshakes that Mc Donalds sells. 

When I was visiting Michael in Alabama it was ridiculously hot. And I emphasise ridiculous. Rain might not melt you, but the sun definitely will. So we went by Chick Fil A and he got himself a cookie and cream milkshake to cool off. I was trying to watch my fatness level so I passed on the milkshake and had a water or something (gotta stay hydrated!). Michael convinced me to take a sip of his milkshake and it was incredible. I think they put some addictive substance or drug in there cause that can't be normal.

The next time we visited Chick Fil A I also ordered a cookie and cream milkshake. Seriously, look at the picture above. LOOK AT IT. Do you see that? That's what pure temptation looks like. If there ever would one image to encompass the meaning of temptation, correction, of -pure- temptation, it would be the cookie and cream milkshake. It's freaking heavenly. It will kill you, and it will rejoice in the slaughter. But whatever, it's worth it. 

So I got one every day for a week. That was a good week I can tell you. But after that week I checked myself in the mirror and I swear, I had already gained weight. So then I downgraded the goodness to a miserly once a week and it was difficult but manageable. Now I am wondering though that when I move to the states, how the hell am I supposed to stay in shape with that tower of crack tempting me every day. 


  1. Not a fan of Krispy Kreme, but those milkshakes are good! Hardees also makes really good milkshakes, for a fast-food place.

    1. I'll go check Hardees milkshakes out too then! But I can't imagine them beating that cookie and cream one.