Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First world problems

Today I saw that Michael had already gotten one of his suitcases out of the dusty corners behind the couch. I guess when you pack to move back home, you need to start early. Can't do that the night before you leave, like I usually do. When it is finally time for me to pack to make the big move to my new home, I will have to sell everything I'm not going to be able to take with me.

That prospect scares me. I am looking forward to moving to the States and building up my life. Have our own place, meet new people and friends and explore the hopefully beautiful area around. But getting rid of all my shit?! Like, everything I can't put in my suitcase? That's painful. I guess I'm a minor case of hoarding, but my useless stuff isn't useless to ME. It's adorable, cute and has all kind of memories attached to it.

I made 3 photo's to make my point. The first picture is an adorable little clock in a glass dome. The numbers are roman, below the clock there is a little treadmill of horses that go around one way, and then the other. It always stood on my grandmothers desk and I think it's awesome.

The second picture is of a long bamboo stick. This stick is actually a fighting stick which I bought with a very good friend at an Indonesian indoor market here in The Hague. We both bought one and vowed to practice on each other every day. Of course we never did, and the stick is far too tall for me anyway. But it has served me in many spider killings and as a reassurance that burglars and zombies won't get anywhere near me.

The third picture is of a beautiful chest. I paint little miniatures for board games and all the paint and brushes I keep in this chest. It's practical, it's pretty and it sparks my imagination that I live in the old days.

So as you can see, this is all stuff that I can't really bring with me. I'm going to make an exception for the little clock, but I'm afraid I have to leave behind my fighting stick and paint chest. That, and everything else. Yes I know there is such a thing as sea packages, but I just can't take everything with me. All my precious books have priority and then all my hobby equipment like the paints IN the chest.

It's a first world problem, but it's my first world problem. Time to make choices, and getting rid of useless baggage is part of moving on. It's going to be difficult and hard and I'm preparing myself mentally in advance. But in the end I guess it's just part of saying goodbye.


  1. I know this feeling all too well! Don't get too discourage by the chest, if where you're moving has a Hobby Lobby or Michael's or even a Joann's you can easily and cheaply replace it. I suppose you could always have the fighting stick shipped, though it's not always affordable.

    Every year when we go back to the US, I bring home a few more of the items I wasn't able to part with permanently.

    We always leave with 4 suitcases, one is 1/2 full of clothes for the two of us and we return with all 4 filled with items we have bought, or items I couldn't part with.

    1. Good to hear it's not just me! Yeah I guess that's the best way to do it. Ask my family to store some of my stuff and bit by bit bring it with me to the states. Man, if you guys take 3 and half suitcases full back every time, you must have a lot of stuff by now!