Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I'll have you know I'm a lazy person, a sloth even. Yeah, I'm not afraid to admit it. When I come home, I take off my shoes and throw them wherever I happen to walk or sit. Just like that. Not even looking where they land. You know what? Taking those socks off too. Where do I leave them? Doesn't matter, wherever, as long as they are not in my direct line of sight.
Look! It's a Slothoni!

After taking a shower, do I clean out the drain? I try to. I look at it and go. Alright  it's time to get a tissue and clean out the shower drain. How bad is it. Just a couple of hairs? Screw it then, no one will notice. Is it really full and clogging the water, well I suppose I can reach over to get a cottonwad, bend all the way down to the drain, and wipe the hairs away. That'll be one of my better non lazy days.

When I go to bed, I undress as I walk to the bed. I throw an article of clothing every one meter or so. The whole floor lies scattered with clothing I carelessly discard. I don't care, it gives me a better view of my wardrobe. Floor > closet. That is the harsh reality that is mine.

And somehow, Michael still loves me and lives with me. I'm amazed at it myself. Of course I try and clean up after myself, but my laziness is ingrained into me. It's a slow process improving myself. 

So when I wake up in the morning, don't think that I would take the time and effort to eat breakfast. And definitely won't take the time to make lunch for my break at work. Both breakfast and lunch seem like excellent ideas and I will definitely make both, but.... not today. And that's how it goes everyday. A day may come when I will eat breakfast, when I forsake my laziness and even make lunch. But it is not this day. An hour of cereal bowls and milk when the slothfulness comes crashing down! But it is not this day! This day we procrastinate! By all that I hold dear on this good Earth, I will not make breakfast and lunch!

Thankfully, I have the sweetest boyfriend on Earth. He appreciates food, and is of the opinion it's very important to have a good meal in the morning and afternoon. And because he knows me, he knows I always cut it close to leave home and be on time for work. So Michael makes sure I always have a lunch. Every single day, he gets out of bed early to make me breakfast (if I got out of bed on time) and make sammiches for me to eat at work. 

Whenever I once again shower way too long - debating if I should clean out the drain or not - I run downstairs, grab the sammiches in the plastic bags, kiss him goodbye, and sprint out the door. And it's not just the same sandwich every day. He tries to keep it interesting, switches things up. I never know what I can expect on my sandwich but it's almost always good. Not only do I get bread, but he packs leftovers from dinner too. Just in case I get really hungry. Sometimes a cup-a-soup pack, or a granola bar. My boyfriend takes really good care for me. I'm incredibly lucky. There aren't many out there who do that.
Good Guy Michael

The most amazing thing is, that he has done this for a very long time. It would be easy to do it for a month and make a good impression. But consistently, every single day I work, Michael gets up with me, and makes me breakfast and lunch.

He not only forgives me for being a sloth, he makes up for my deficiencies. And when I come back the 15th of May, and go back to work. Well, everyday I will get up and stare at the empty table. Everyday I will be starving at work. And everyday the absence of food will remind me of the absence of Michael. I don't need him to be gone to appreciate what I got now. Cause I know.

Moments like that will be the hardest. But at least, when I can finally move to America, - I - can be the person who makes the sammiches. Then I can repay Michael for being such a faithful and enduring boyfriend (by then husband!). And that day, WILL be the day I make breakfast and lunch. Because I might not do it for myself, but I will do it for Michael.

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