Friday, April 5, 2013

So long, farewell and hello there

I look to my right and I see rocks, I look to my left and I see rocks. I turn slightly to glance behind me, a mountain. This is what they told me, guard the rocks and guard the mountain. This is what I do and I excel at. Looking through my environmental suit I glare suspiciously at the two other guards. For all everyone knows they were the one behind that big accident a month back. I continue my round and check the security sensors. All clear. Or wait, is it? As I look closer I see a disturbance, an irregularity moving parallel to the perimeter of the rocks and mountain. SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY! I radio my collegues and we are off to check it out.

This is what I do every thursday night. Together with Michael and some of my RPG friends. RPG you say? What is this RPG you mention. Role Playing Games. And no, we do not do this:

What we do is this: 

And I can tell you, it's really awesome. It might seem nerdish and yeah! You are right it is, but I love it. I love going every week and be a total nerd in a different world. Sometimes science fiction and sometimes fantasy. It's all awesome. 

We have 2 more sessions before we depart for the States and this unfortunately means that Michael is leaving the group. This also means yes, that I'll be leaving the group when the time comes when I permanently move to America. This makes me sad! But I'm looking forward to try and start a new group. Michael even suggested to put up an ad in craigslist which says; send you rpg resumes here and we'll consider you. Can you imagine that? Applying for such a nerdy acitvity? But then again, I don't want to end up playing with annoying people who drive me crazy. I recently got the rpg books from the Dresden Files from Michael and my best friend Jessica, and I can not wait to try them out. To design a campaign and play it for a long time with a group?

Awesomeness, and I can't wait!

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