Saturday, April 27, 2013

Story Glory

I wrote this story when I was 18 years old, 8 years ago. It was my first and pretty much my only short story. Over the years I've made little tweaks here and there to improve the story and I'd like to share it with you. Writing is a passion of mine, and it's my dream that one day I'll finish writing a book. Not only finish a book, but hope that my book will actually change and affect peoples lives. It's a big dream, and you gotta start somewhere. This is where I started.

I would like it very much if you could leave your opinion in the comments. Thank you!

Lucy’s Adventure

Darkness was all around. Lucy reached out her hands, looking for the door. She felt the rough structure of the wall, rubbing against her fingers. It should be close. Her hands sliding over the wall, she came to a stop. An iron door cling blocked Lucy’s hand from moving further. She sighed with relieve. Grasping the cold metal, she pushed the door open.

She immediately sensed that something was wrong. An unnatural rotten smell hit her like a wall. It crawled into her nose, and it spread throughout her body. It was sickening. She recoiled slightly. A cold crept into Lucy and her hands turned clammy. The meeting was supposed to be here but everything was dark… Too dark. She wiped perspiration from her face. Was the Earl in there? She doubted it. Lucy held her breath as to not breathe in the poisonous air. She listened if she could hear any sounds that would tell her if anyone, or anything was in the room. But nothing but deadly silence was around her.
The Earl wasn’t here.
Lucy gasped for breathe and immediately gagged, the stench was unbearable. What was going on? She was not sure she wanted to know. Not where the Earl was and not what the source of that stench was. She felt her heart beating in her throat and could hear nothing else. Lucy swallowed hard, it sounded as a thunderbolt in the stillness. Feeling dizzy, Lucy staggered back and reaching for the wall behind her she slowly moved away. It was for the best if she would get the hell out of here.
Steve could investigate what went wrong, tomorrow.
If she were to make it out of here.

Lucy let of go the wall and turned around to run back. Though while turning, everything spun twice as fast as it actually should have. She tried to grab the wall to get her balance back but collapsed on the floor. Nausea swept over her. Vile gall in her mouth made her vomit. Lucy moaned. She dragged herself back to the wall, and tried to close the door to stop the stench from getting to her. Although she felt weak and miserable she was able to get up and closed the door with a loud bang. She heard something stir inside the cursed room and her heart skipped a beat. It was all the motivation she needed, slightly swaying, she started to run. Her footsteps echoed in the pitch black hall. Scared by the sound of her own footsteps, she began to ran even faster. Not far now.
Placing her foot on a loose stone, Lucy lost her balance again. A loud thump followed after she hit the floor. Everything went wrong! Everything was wrong! Her wrist throbbed with pain. Worthless is what she was. She blinked hard, to stop her tears from coming, but it didn’t work. She lay there on the floor crying.

Then, her crying stopped. Time almost seemed to stop. Holding her breath and ignoring the pain in her wrist she listened for sounds. Now far behind her she heard scratching at the door. The iron creaked while the door cling moved downwards. Lucy wiped her tears away. It wasn’t the time. Silently she got up onto her feet. Holding her bruised wrist she sneaked towards the exit, careful not to make a sound. A vaguely silver glister told her the exit was a few meters in front of her. Finally! She threw away all caution and ran to the door. Reacting on her movement, the door far back slammed close and heavy breathing announced something coming.

Lucy panicked and threw herself at the exit, and it flew open. Gasping for breath, which she only now realised she had been holding, she locked the door. A soft moonlight and a gentle breeze welcomed her. It was very much time to go back. Duke won’t be happy.
Please leave a comment with what you think of my first short story, written 8 years ago.

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