Sunday, April 21, 2013

Swan Market

Today Michael, my mom and I went to the Swan Market. My sister and her husband own a little catering business (Kok au Van) and sold biological burgers there. So we hopped in the car and drove to Rotterdam to take a look. It was way bigger than I expected. Stands were eeeverywhere. The best part of that all, was that most stands sold home-made or self-designed products. I was especially inspired by all the jewellery stands. One stand (mcreate) even sold horsehair products! Imagine my fascination. How they made the bracelets was so ingenious! I might use that myself if I can figure out how they did it.

After this stand though, my mom and Michael hared of back to the burgerstand.
In case I wasn't clear about this in my earlier blogs, Michael has worked with Marit and Rolf for over a year on festivals. Kok au Van sells burgers made of animal friendly meat. And yes, of course slaughtering animals is not friendly, but the butcher they get their meat from makes sure the animals have a great life before they become snacks. Guilt free meat eating! And if you don't eat meat - like me - then they also sell home-made vegetarian burgers made of chickpeas.

The fresh burgers get cooked on a big grill with lavastones, and the whole festival season of 2012 Michael was the grill chef. All 3 slaved away and invested a lot of their time in Kok au Van. However, Michael goes to the States at the end of this month. My sister knew this and thus they knew he wouldn't be around to help. But when we visited them on the Swan Market today they were sporting a huge line of people. They were so popular! My sister hadn't completely counted on that many people wanting burgers, so when Michael offered to help them out for one last time they happily accepted.

So there he was behind the grill once more, completely in his element. That was so good to see, it warmed my heart. It was a good and touching goodbye to the work he did while he lived in Holland. One last time he saw Rotterdam, and one last time he worked with Marit and Rolf in Kok au Van.
there is Michael to the right
So what I tried to say with this little interlude to Michael's goodbye is that I roamed the market alone! The plan was to look and shop at the stands with the 3 of us (mom, Michael, me) but both my mom and Michael were helping out Kok au Van. I wasn't helping out because I'm not much use anyway, so I figured I'd get out of the way.

So Michael and my mom tagged along on the market up to the horsehair product stand, and then went back to eat a burger. After I was done wandering one section of the market I came back and found them helping out. I hovered awkwardly for a little while before deciding to get back to the cute stands.

On my facebook page I uploaded a whole album of the stands I found particularly cool. You can find the album here. You don´t have to be logged in to see them. There are too many stands that caught my attention to post them all in this blog.

It was a great day, and when Kok au Van sold out early we left for home. There, all 3 of us sat in the sun soaking up vitamine D and napping away while listening to the screaming kids of our neighbours and the whistling of the birds.

A good good day.

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