Friday, April 26, 2013

Time flees

Three more days until we leave the Netherlands. It's been stressful for me, but mainly for Michael. It's my job not to mention the fact that we are leaving. When we think about it, it hits us hard. We already had several final goodbyes and that can get pretty heavy.

You have to understand that we Dutch are a sober people. We don't hug a lot and we try to keep things light. So when you say your final goodbyes and everyone hugs each other and says they'll miss you, that's very emotional. At least it's incredibly good to hear all the kind words everyone tells Michael. It's difficult to leave everything behind you know. But when you hear what you mean to the people you got to know, it feels good at the same time. He has become a part of their lives, and friends and family have taken him in their hearts. For them it's sad to see him leave not knowing when they'll see him again.

That's the hardest thing for me. It tears at me that I don't know exactly how long we'll be apart. I know we'll be alright, we've done this before. But I will miss my boyfriend so much. These are the things we try not to think about.

With brute force I set my mind at our coming flight. Let's think of practical things and deal with the absence when it's arrived. Carpe diem.

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