Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Doni vs. Bacteria 0-1

Apparently my stellar immune system is not up to the job here in Florida. I must have caught some sort of stomach bug, because I have been having problems since Saturday morning.You can say with ease, that I sound like a tortured velociraptor whenever my body thinks it needs to get rid of the food and water I had. I was waiting until I felt better to write a blog, but after 3-4 days of minimal recovery I figured it's time. I suppose this is also part of moving to another country. Different bacteria my body doesn't know how to deal with!

Michael on the other hand, says he hasn't felt better in ages. It seems like his immune system knows exactly how to deal with this environment. That also means though, that he is not at all sympathetic to my cause. He seems to think I'm weak and inferior. Hurray.

I refused to let my stomach problems keep me in inside for long though. So on Saturday we went to a seafood buffet with his brother and girlfriend, for only 10 dollar per person! All you can eat food ├índ drink. A Dutchman dream come true. We might go back this week and do it again, because I didn't have the opportunity to enjoy it fully then.

Sunday we went to church with Michael's mother. I was very interested to see how it all went down, because this kind of church is very different from Dutch ones. For one, it's located in a normal building, not a church building. And the service itself was far from traditional, way more modern. I'll write more about the church here after coming Sunday. There is going to be a church gathering (the revival?) which we will attend. After that I'll have a better idea of how everything works.

Sunday afternoon was spent taking walks on the first reasonable sunny day. The whole week has been cloudy, and for Florida standards also pretty cold. It's slowly warming up now.

Yesterday we went to Michael's college town Gainesville. I got the grand tour, and met 2 of his friends. It was a very beautiful day. Unfortunately I was stupid enough to eat at a burrito place, which has made today such a blast.

As soon as I feel better I'll write an actual interesting post. This will have to do for now!


  1. Speaking from experience i would suggest to really give your digestive system enough time to heal properly, meaning that you only eat small quantities of food that is easily digested and when it worsens again you go back one step. Believe me, when you dont do that your intestines will become much more sensitive which takes away some of the taken for granted comforts of life:)

    1. Yes, I learned that the hard way. When I felt a little better I ate a burrito... big mistake!