Friday, May 3, 2013

Fashion Fiasco

Well, that was embarrassing.

Apparently Walmart employees wear brown pants and a blue shirt. I was doing groceries with Michael - at the Walmart - as I just wondered around looking at all the goodies they sold. Then this lady who works at Walmart (she had a name tag), looks me up and down quizzically and asks, do you work here? So I say, uhm no I don't. Oh alright she says, 'cause you are wearing our colors! I look down at my brown pants and my blue shirt, and then look at her brown pants and blue shirt.
Oh sorry I didn't know, I mumbled while making my great escape.

Great, so I looked like a Walmart employee. From that moment on doing groceries became an adventure. I was sneaking past employees, afraid that they'll think I'm not working hard enough and was loitering.
I was  trying to look as unwalmarty as possible whenever a customer laid eyes on me. Hands in my pocket, looking idly at some products. And as soon as they looked away quickly changing aisle before they changed their mind and started asking me questions!
I felt so awkward.

WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME MICHAEL. Oh look at that, he answered me, you ARE wearing Walmart colors, I didn't notice.

Lesson learned Doni, lesson learned. When going shopping at the Walmart, no brown/blue combinations!

my outfit of the day
walmart uniform

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