Friday, May 24, 2013

Horse weekend

Well, not only sadness now Michael is gone. This weekend is horse back riding weekend! We just rode an hour outside and the horse that has been given to me is awesome. Enjoying myself thoroughly. The people here take such good care of us. A delicious dinner of fresh white asparagus with a cream sauce and scrambled eggs. Some fries on the side. Icecream with whipped cream as dessert. Om nom nom...

Every evening the horses get to roam the fields, instead of spending the night in the stables. They just throw their stable doors open, bar the way they cant go with rope, and let them gallop to freedom. I can't wait to have my own fields with horses. What a great dream to pursue. And the best part is that the horse sport isn't restricted by age. Even a 70 year old japanner participated in the olympics and did well.

Now we have a nice social evening planned. Drinks, games and snacks.

Ps. My pee smells! Asparagus....

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