Monday, May 27, 2013

I say hurray, my body says no way

Being a weekend away without Michael was weird. For one, because he was gone anyway. But I felt that when I would be back home, that he would be there waiting for me. But he wasn't of course. That's a strange feeling. Also, it was weird because Michael would never come with me on a horse back riding weekend. So no matter if he would be in the Netherlands, he wouldn't be there with me either way. So in that sense I was happy that I was doing something where he wouldn't be present anyway. As if that somehow makes it better that he's not my country any more.

This sounds like strange babbling I am sure. But that nicely represents how I felt. Don't worry though, I didn't dwell too much on it, I mainly enjoyed my holiday.

our group -1
It's always tricky when you leave for a weekend with a group of people. Having strife among the group is almost inevitable. All in all though, we had an excellent time. There were no fights, and not many gossips. Every now and then some cheeky moods scattered some tension in the air, but after a deep sigh and a firm thought aimed at my inner self to me to keep my mouth shut, I could stay calm. And of course it helped that I could call Michael and tell him all about it. He's about the best calming effect there is in my life.

some of us prepping the horses
So yeah, as far as groups on holidays go, this went pretty well. Could have gone better, but not much. When you all share the same hobby, in our case horses, there is always some topic that can safely be discussed or used to diffuse a situation. And when we were on a horse we were all best friends. How can't you be happy when you ride such a magnificent beast, in a beautiful landscape. The sun was shining against all expectations, so with the sun in our face and the wind in our hair we galloped through the woods.
everything hurts by now

If that isn't a lovely image to keep in your mind I don't know what is. I'm sad it's over, but glad I can face chat with Michael again. And the horse back riding is not over yet, tomorrow evening and that evening after there is more horse waiting for me. I say hurray, my body says no way! Sorry body, I win. We're going anyway.

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