Friday, May 10, 2013


While walking and driving through Gainesville, it struck me that the surroundings almost look like a cartoon. The sky is a deeper and more vibrant blue, the flora is different from home and resembles the plants drawn in cartoons. The contrast between the sky and greenery is very sharp. At home things seem to be more muted, pastel like colours.

It might be because the sun has a more direct angle due to the latitude. But it just as well could simply be Florida.

The palm trees were a lot more abundant in this city. I presume this is mainly because of landscaping, but the average temperature is also a little higher because Gainesville is further of the coast than Cross City. So that might encourage palm type like trees to flourish better.

I have surprised myself while being here with the questions I ask myself. I have a bachelor in Earth Sciences and I vowed to have nothing to do with it anymore, happy that I had finally finished it. But here I am, holding sand grains towards the sun and wondering how pure it is and how much calcium it contains. Wondering how that normal looking grass survives salt water and how long it takes the hanging moss that I see everywhere to kill a tree.

While in Gainesville I also met 2 of Michael's friends, and Michael showed me where he studied for 5 years. At first I thought I could never live in Florida, but I have to admit that I wouldn't mind Gainesville much. So if the dice happen roll that way, no big deal.

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