Wednesday, May 1, 2013

No palm trees

Even though I have been to Florida once before, I was somehow under the impression that the place was littered with palm trees. It isn't, its resembles the Netherlands more than it does my image of Florida.
As you probably already concluded by now we made it into Florida! Even better news, Michael hasn't been banned Or fined. Such a relief.
It surprises me though because while we were in line for customs I took a good look at Michael. I could tell he was nervous, so nervous. His shirt had huge sweat spots, his forehead had beads of sweat dripping down his face into his eyes. His neck and face had big red stress patches on them. And to add on top of that, he was shiftily looking around. All together he looked like he had swallowed a kilogram of dodgy substances and was afraid to get caught.
Fortunately the customs officer waved Michael through without a problem. We were stunned. He even stamped his passport besides the other stamps, so he obviously did see Michael had stayed longer than allowed. I guess we were lucky!
So this is really good news. Michael can come back to the Netherlands anytime he wants! Woohooo!
Michael is relieved!

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