Monday, May 20, 2013

Sanctuary Defiled

Been home for a few days now, recovering from my jetlag and from the usual bacteria I catch during my flight. Somehow I always get a little sick. The disease fest that the airport and airplane are manages to trump my immune system every time. This flight was not as bad though, I only have a mild cold. The jetlag however, is just as bad as it always is. I think I've finally got rid of it. It is now midnight, and I'm about to go to bed. 

I've constantly been setting my alarm at 10 am everyday, but until today I haven't managed to get out of bed till 12. Tomorrow is the first day I'll be working again. Those days will be rare from now on, my hours have been reduced by almost half. This means I will have to actively look for an extra job. I don't have a choice, we are both low on money and we simply got to do what we have to do. Michael hasn't found a job so far, but he's been very productive applying for them. I haven't been as productive as he has been, it's about time I am. 

My mother has had the cleaning itch all week and has been chasing me all around the house with stuff she finds that's mine. I'm not even safe in my room any more, she just barrels right in! I suppose it's for a good cause, a clean house, but I rather like my sanctuary here. And now it has been DEFILED!

I miss my boyfriend terribly, it's only been days and I already want to go back to the States. Every small thing reminds me of him and makes me a little emotional. I'm just a big ol' softie. We do facechat everyday, as often as is reasonable. No Skype for us, somehow Skype always pings out on us. For a program that solely focuses on videochat you would think they would be the best. But Google videochat trumps Skype every single time. The quality is a little less, but it's so much more reliable.

Friday, we had a small dinner with my mother, her boyfriend, my sister and her husband, and me. Normally Michael is always there so it was a sad prospect, a family dinner without him. But when they called me to come down and join dinner I was just in the middle of videochatting with Michael. As I have a laptop I proposed, with a twinkle in my eye, if he wanted to join us for dinner! Michael responded with a big grin and I carried my laptop with Michaels face on the screen downstairs. There, he was greeted with cheers by everyone. We all had a little chat, showed him the cats, and then it was time to close him out. It was getting a little uncomfortable! Still, we should do that more often. It was nice, in a quirky way.

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