Sunday, June 23, 2013

How am I

I had a family day today. As always because it is inevitable, I'm asked how I am. What am I doing, what am I going to do. Where am I going, when am I going. I'm afraid I couldn't give an satisfactory answer to many of those questions. But since everyone was asking me, I suppose people are interested in it. So for everyone who wonders how I am, what I'm doing, what I'm going to, where I'm going and when I'm going, here it is!

- How am I -
Considering the fact that my boyfriend/fiancĂ© is on the other side of the ocean and I miss him, good. I'm a little lonely, but skyping with him every day, and keeping in touch through whatsapp helps. Doing things alone is the weirdest of it all. I kind of like doing things on my own, but I wish I could do it on my own WITH Michael. 

But my health is good, I'm sporting twice a week. Horseback riding dressage on Monday and yoga on Friday. I bought a bike and cycle everywhere now so you could say I'm in shape! No moodiness here, no stress at work. All in all I'd say I'm doing better than some people I know.

- What am I doing -
My time mainly goes to working in the gadgets store. I sell stuff there. It's a relatively small company and with a very personal atmosphere. I feel at home there. I actually once quit and got another job which I straight up hated, and the company was so sweet as to take me back. It sounds kind of dull, working in a store. But honestly, you meet so many interesting people. It's diverse, and because it's a small company I got quite a few responsibilities bigger companies would never let you have.
At work
Of course I don't only work. I generally work 4 days in a week. The other days I try to get in as much time with Michael by gaming and skyping. When he's sleeping or busy, I do my sport things, game night on Thursday and walks in nature areas. I also do a lot of reading, you'd be surprised at how many hours of my week go to reading.

- Where am I going -
Easy one. United States of America, Florida, Gainesville. Why don't y'all visit when we're settled!?

- When am I going - 
Yikes, I wish I knew. The visa process has been going for about a month now. But you know how these things work, it can take forever. My estimation is that I'll have my visa around Christmas. So about half a year. That's quick for a visa but an eternity for me and Michael. Bureaucracy is never efficient. So it's a realistic possibility something goes wrong and it will be even longer.

I will visit Florida in between at least once though. 

- What am I going to do -
Well, isn't that a loaded question? That's pretty much straight up asking me to plan the rest of my life. I have a lot of things I want to do, but whether they are realistic is another story. So the answer I give you all is the one I have hopes of actually happening.

I'm going to move to Florida to live there with Michael. I hope to get a job in the horse world there (if anyone can help me out there I'd be really happy!). Gainesville is close to Ocala (a horse area) and I will try to get a job there. Probably starting low all at the bottom of the chain as a stable hand. Then I'll try to work my way up to eventually horse riding instructor and maybe starting an outdoor trips company. I'm also interested in horse breeding, but without an equine education I'm sure that that will be impossible.
Artificial horse breeding
If the horse thing doesn't fly, I'll simply work at a store there too! Hopefully there are stores as awesome as the one I work in now.

There you have it. Lot's of uncertainties. But I'm ready to go now. Not a single doubt any more. At least the slow visa process gives me enough time to fully ready myself to leave the Netherlands behind. Like the Dutch football player Johan Cruiff says: Elk nadeel heb ze voordeel (every disadvantage have it's advantage). 

And yes, that grammar mistake is supposed to be there! Haha.

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