Thursday, June 6, 2013

Location destination

The destination of our future location is... Gainsville! This little college town lies in the armpit of Florida. I've been there twice and it seems like a cute and beautiful town where you can also have fun. Best part about it for me? It lies a 30 min ride away from Ocala! It's the regional horse Mecca, and I'm really hoping to land a low horsey kind of job there. So if anyone has any connections there, please put a word in for me. Much obliged.

It's not the plan to permanently live in Gainsville, but nothing is impossible. I still prefer seasons and mountains, but for now Gainsville will do. My estimated time of arrival right now is Christmas time. Way long, but I'm hoping it might go faster.

So, Gainsville. I bet everyone will visit me in such a sub tropical paradise! Maybe if a miracle will happen I'll even end up with a TAN *gasp*. The sun finally came out here in the Netherlands, and my body doesn't do tanning. It either does staying white and reflecting sun, or turning lobster red and peeling into snow white immediatly the day after. Such is life. At least Michael is the same. Two white pillars in a sunny land.

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  1. Tickets naar het oosten van de VS zijn in ieder geval redelijk betaalbaar...!