Wednesday, June 12, 2013

RPG continued

So I told you guys about the new RPG (role playing game) I would be running. It's called the Dresden Files and it's based on a fantastic book series - read about it here -. The rpg books of it were impossible to get hold off, so my friends (it was my birthday gift) ended up ordering it directly from the source. Then it was sent to Michael's parents house where I would pick it up later. I was so excited to run my first game of it, and to get into the mood ALL my players decided to start reading the series or at least the first book. You are most welcome Jim Butcher ;-)

After long nights preparing the scenario's and plotting the multiple layered plots (which are childsplay compared to the real books, but hey, I'm just a girl in the world) I just finished it all in time for the first session. It all went a bit slow as we puzzled our way through the new rules. We all decided it was a fun night. The second session I was way more prepared and everyone got the hang of the system.

We played, and we laughed our asses off. It was a hilarious session. Ofcourse things didn't quite go as I expected, but that definitely made it way more fun. One of the players, Declan Aylward offered to write a recap of the first 2 sessions. He has written recap's more often for our other games and they are always very nice to read. Good summaries to refresh your memory of what happened last time.

So Declan started writing, and we waited... and waited.... and waited. Finally Declan sent us a message saying he got very enthusiastic and it ended up more like a novella. And when he sent us the whole story it was amazing. The session itself was hilarious but when reading it back in the form of a small book, it's even more awesome. I just wanted to share the story with everyone who reads this blog. A warning though, in a word document it reads 12 pages. So be prepared to sit down and relax for a little recreational reading.

It's also a glimpse to you non-nerds out there of what we are experiencing when we play. This is the story we played out together as friends in our minds. The decisions we made talking to eachother and rolling dice is what made part of this written story.

Let me know if you decide to read it, what you think,and if it changes your view of role playing board games or not! If you aren't going to read it, your loss! Because I think it's GOOD.

Read it here

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