Monday, June 3, 2013

Visa has taken off

The visa package has beent sent! Michael had to do most of it, I only gathered passport photos, a biography form and a letter of intent to marry. But the mail is real snailmail, it goes so slow. It took that package 6 working days to get to Michael. Isn't that a little archaic by now?

I thought it would take approximately 4 months from the moment we sent the package to get the visa, but I might have been wrong. We overlooked one step where it said: see processing times. That link takes you through a whole maze of links but in short I puzzled out the processing time to be between 1 and 5 months. Oh dear. That means in worst case scenario I'll get my visa in 9 months. That's freaking forever. I could get pregnant and deliver the baby in that time. It's ridiculous.

We'll just have to hope the process will go fast, but I doubt it. We have started the application right before summer holidays so if anything, we are probably stuck with the 9 months. It's a known fact all govermental employees go on holiday duuring this time. It's practically required.

I can't be apart from him for that long, we have to figure out what to do. My tourist visa that's the same for all europeans and is automatic, has a total of 3 months that we're allowed in the States. I have used 2 weeks so far. So worst case scenario we nurse that time and smear it out over the 9 months.

This is not a happy prospect. The only thing to do is hope it won't be as bad as I fear. I will keep you updated.

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