Monday, July 1, 2013

Humanity's worst

These are the worst character traits in my opinion. Note that I'm not claiming I'm perfect, and I probably have some of these character traits myself. Why else would I find them the worst? We are always the hardest on ourselves aren't we. So even though I sometimes show them myself, I find these traits in people most unappealing. I work hard at eradicating them and in my humble opinion, everyone should.

Okay, now that is clear. Here we go.

5. Inconsistency
Make up your freaking mind and stick with it. How can anyone know how to interact with you if you always respond in a different way. I give you a hug now, you're fine with it. I give you a hug tomorrow you punch me in the vag. Your child tries to grab a cookie on the table, you allow it. Tomorrow your child tries to grab a cookie from the table and you spank him. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY. Can't you people see you don't make sense?

4. Disloyalty
Friends and family who betray your trust. Often with a thoughtlessness that is beyond comprehension. These people are in dire need of some life lessons, the hard way. Examples are best friends who sleep with your significant other, the dad who always says he'll show up but never does and the brother who sells the car you lend him in hard times. 

3. Cruelty
If you have a need to be cruel to other living things be it animals or humans, something is wrong with you. Learn to control your desire to inflict pain and perhaps you should go see a shrink. 

2. Feeling of superiority
You really think you are that great? You are not better than anyone, I don't care how much you have accomplished in life. If you feel better than others you are by default worse.

1. Judgemental mind
Who are you to judge me? Show a little respect. If you can't, just keep your mouth shut. You are wasting my precious time. These people are the worst, and they are the most subtle. They take tiny little stabs at your persona. The frown, the raised eyebrow, the eye roll. They don't approve of the things you do, and they will make sure you know but never making it too obvious. 

Well those are my pet peeves when it comes to people. What are yours? What character traits in people do you think just makes them the worst person out there?

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