Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Idle hands make an idle mind

I have sent a care-package to Michael! That's a thing we try to do every now and then when we are apart. Make a box, or an envelope, with all kinds of little surprises and gifts. It let's the other know in a more physical way, that they are in our thoughts. Items that we can actually touch and hold, instead of a digital screen that tells you it loves you. The mail system is pretty slow though. It also doesn't help that he lives in a rural area where they don't even deliver mail to your house. They are required to get a PO Box! No PO Box, no mail.

The package got posted on Friday, but it will probably be sent on it's way to the States by Tuesday. It takes approximately 6 days for a package from the Netherlands to arrive at Michael's house. So the package will probably get there Monday the 29th.

This time I kept it small. There are mostly mementoes of our time spent together, pictures, a letter, an usb stick with movies we can watch together (his internet usage has a data limit), and other things that I think he'll appreciate. Even though it's small, it took me over a week to gather all the things. A lot of thought has to be put into a care package, because otherwise it would be a careless package! Ha ha, get it? I made a joke.

Since I got these 2 jobs I have been getting many hours. So many in fact that I have to carefully plan when I can get some Skype time in. Sometimes our schedules are exactly opposite. When he comes home from work and goes to bed, I wake up and go to work. It's pretty rough I have to admit. Never before have I worked this many hours in a week. The working itself is not what gets to me, it's when I don't go to bed on time. If I don't get my 8 hours of sleep I feel like a zombie the entire day. But when I have a morning shift in the hotel, I have to get up at 5-5.30! You try going to sleep at 9 pm. That's crazy early! So zombie mode is hard to avoid.

But so far good. When I wake up and he comes home, we quickly video chat for 10 minutes. When I come home from work and he's about to leave, we squeeze in a video chat. I can't wait to fly to the States and visit! It's simply time to cuddle my boyfriend and harass him in real life. This digital stuff won't do for much longer. Hopefully end August, maybe end September. It will be glorious!

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  1. Since its MY care package, do I get to pick the order in which we watch the movies :D