Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lovely and Lonely

The weather here in Holland has been great. A perfect 20-22 degrees Celsius and a cool breeze makes the temperature in this city at the beach perfect. I've had a couple of days off when the weather was this good and it was a great opportunity to go out and get some sun vitamins.

The downside of this is that Michael is not here. I'm not the kind of person who has quantity friends. You know, ALOT of friends but not very close. I'm the kind of person who has a few friends that I know very well and am close to. But the problem with that is that whenever I want to do something fun, I don't have any friends to do it with me. It sounds ridiculously sad but it has mainly to do with location and schedules.

You see, I studied in Amsterdam and lived there for about 3-4 years in a period in life where you make the most friends. So many of my friends are located in Amsterdam. I live in the Hague. You see the problem? Furthermore, the friends I have in the Hague all have, without exception, a 9-5 job. I however, have a retail job and have days off on the most random of times.
friends not in the Hague
So on these sunny days, usually on a weekday, I am without friends to hang out with. When Michael was still here I would hang out with him and go to the forest, dunes - not the beach, he hates sand - or wherever we wanted to go. What I end up doing is simply go alone. I have never had a problem with going to places alone because honestly, I like the peace and quiet.

I went to the beach alone, and that was actually a big step for me. First, because I am ridiculously (or realistically) paranoid that my stuff gets stolen when I take a swim. Secondly, I've always seen going to the beach as a group activity. But the weather was too nice, and I am - present tense - too pale to skip a good opportunity to tan. I ingeniously laid down my towel very close to the water so I could an eye on my things at all times. Then I settled down and enjoyed. When idly looking around, I realised that about a quarter of the "spots" taken on the beach were taken by a single towel. Apparently it's not that uncommon to go the the beach alone. There I saw a young man reading, there I saw a woman sleeping. I suddenly felt less like a loser and could actually enjoy my day.

Kind of silly how important I find the public view of my activity. I hadn't realised I cared what strangers thought of me (when going to the beach alone) until I had decided it wasn't weird at all. That was quite the epiphany.

Also the forest and the park behind my house have seen me pass by on the lovely summer days. Slowly strolling around, listening to bird sun and the rustling of leaves, soaking up the sun rays. When I was in the city centre I had lunch in that cute tea house I wrote about a while back. Ate a scone and had a cup of tea while I watched the people outside. It is quite wonderful and I enjoy it completely, but it could even be better if I had Michael here to enjoy those activities with me.

But alas, it is not an option. So for now I will simply have to enjoy life on my own. 

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