Saturday, July 13, 2013

When you don't have to find things to do

When Michael left I was worried I wouldn't have anything to do. That I would probably get bored. I prepared myself to take yoga lessons, extra horseback riding lessons and signed myself up to be administrative help for my riding school. At first it helped and I needed it. Now however I find myself short on time. Working 3 jobs at the same time leaves me a little strapped for time. Surprisingly, I am not stressed. This might still come of course. Right now however, I feel good about spending my time useful and making money.
I actually managed this one Friday. WOO AAH!

For Americans this probably doesn't seem too weird. For a Dutch person it probably seems a little out of the ordinary. I even heard jokes how I am already preparing myself for the American mentality. That's good to hear. But I think the main reason in the Netherlands that people work mostly 1 job is our taxes system. You don't get the "discount" over your second and third job. You get some of it back a year later when doing the administrative tax works, but that doesn't help you in the right now. It is much more to your advantage to have 1 job with 40 hours, than 3 jobs with a total of 40 hours. 

But in a crisis not every has that luxury. I'm very lucky to have landed these jobs, and they are all incredibly fun. My new job, in the hotel, even wanted me to spend a night there. I got an upgraded room, free 3 course dinner with drinks, and unlimited breakfast buffet. I took my sister with me and we had a great time. Here is a panorama photo of our room. For a hotel in the middle - right in the actual middle - of the city centre it was a huge room. 

Today I worked in the store from 10 to 6 and when I got home I took a nap. Now it is time to get ready for working the wardrobe in the club. BRING IT ON!


  1. Is het momenteel lastig om banen te vinden in Nederland?

    1. Het is vooral lastig om banen met een contract te vinden. En dan helemaal full-time. Als je op zoek bent naar een part-time baan en bereid ben te werken met een 0 uren contract, dan is het te doen.