Saturday, August 31, 2013


Catsitting for my sister and her husband for ten days. I'll live at their house while they are on holiday so their cat, Zwelgje, doesn't get too lonely. He can be a real dragon when he doesn't get any attention, so this is a better alternative for him than people coming over to give him food. He'll get mad when they leave and attach himself claws and teeth to their legs. Poor thing! Both human ánd cat.


I like a change of scenery so I don't mind too much staying at their spacious house. It's a little closer to my jobs as well. Speaking of which, the lull in work I had a week ago is over. I had 2 weeks where I had both weeks 2 days off and that was a delicious luxury. Now I'm looking at 1 to 2 weeks (depending how my coming schedule of the week after looks like) of no days off. But just having had pay-day makes me not care one bit. All the hard work has literally paid off.

Michael seems to think that at the rate I'm saving I'll be able to buy my own car in the States. But to be honest, I think the tickets, visa prices, vaccinations and the time I take off work (and not making money) to visit the States is going to eat up most of it all. And the ultimate goal of me staying behind in the Netherlands was to work and make sure Michael doesn't have extra costs because of me. I'm holding up that end of the bargain very well, and I'm proud to say it. This is not the time to be greedy and hope for more than is realistic.

Tonight I work at the club again, but the be honest, that third job is a little too much. I think I will let my employer know this will be the last time I work there. I already told them that I couldn't consistently work there and it was going to be sporadic, so they have been prepared. The job is fun, but it just messes up my sleeping schedule too much, making the rest of my week cost more energy than needed.

So in that setting, I'm now going to try and take a nap to prepare for the work tonight. See you next time.

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