Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pool in my backyard

Michael and I got an apartment! Ofcourse I haven't seen it personally, but I was part of the process of choosing and deciding. It's a 2 bedroom and even has an upstairs! I love multiple floors, I guess it's because I'm from the crowded and overbuilt Europe. It will feel a little like home.

We have a swimming pool practically in our backyard, you can see it from the back door. It's probably a 30 seconds walk, so morning swims might occur. Although I don't like swimming very much. But if it's right there out of my window I just might swim anyways. The second bedroom is for family that wants to visit, a real guestroom. The washer and dryer hookups are unfortunately not in the house, so we'll have to do our laundry big bang theory style in a communal area. Fine by me, I might even meet some nice people to hang out with.

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