Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summertime sadness

Tonight we'll book the ticket for my 2 week vacation to Michael in Florida. I'm so ready to see him again. Happy to know he now has a great job, but sad that he won't be able to take any days off while I'm there. But we'll have the evenings and the weekend. I'll leave Friday 27th of September and I'll leave the 13th of October for home and arrive the 14th.

My work has stressed me out incredibly this week. A colleague of mine has taken a 2 week vacation, which results in some inflexibility in my schedule for that period. But my other job keeps scheduling me in like normal, which creates huge problems for me. I can't divide myself in 2. So now it's a balancing act in asking days off from my newest job - days they can't really miss me - and asking my other job to sacrifice their days off the help me out. I don't like to ask these kind of things of people and be a nuisance. It's stressing me out. A LOT. It makes me wish I was in Florida with Michael this very instant.

My unhappy state of mind might be because I've had more free time on my hands than I'm used to by now. And everyone knows that when you have nothing to do, you start creating unnecessary problems in your head. So it's good I work again tonight, it might focus my thoughts a little better.

I just wish the visa process would hurry up. Why does it have to take so long.

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