Thursday, September 26, 2013

A simple update

Tomorrow I will leave for a vacation to see Michael. I will return the 14th of October. It's about time to see eachother again! Almost 5 months we have been apart, only having skype and online chats to keep in touch. For a little more than 2 weeks we can catch up and have lot's of huggles. Michael will have to keep working, so it won't be optimal, but seeing eachother every morning and every night in real life will be so much better.

It's also looking like the visa thing is well on it's way. I have submitted the first forms to the consulate in Amsterdam. The next step requires me to collect data, like a birth certificate, a form of good conduct and evidence of our ongoing relationship. When I have all of the forms I will need to send another  form saying I have everything. Then I need to get a medical exam at their doctor, and once that is in order they will schedule an interview.

Back to packing now. Almost done. I'm bringing a lot of stuff for the emigration already. My cooking knife set, the wii, my jewellery equipment and my paints + miniatures.

Gotta look forward!

ps. Let's hope I don't die. I have once again chosen the optimal seats and taken precautions! I WILL SURVIVE.

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  1. Have fun!

    Some advice: don't take the knives as hand-luggage :p