Sunday, September 29, 2013

Flying overseas

Today is Sunday. I arrived Friday evening in Jacksonville. Unfortunately Michael got stuck in traffic, so he picked me up late. There I was sitting outside with my luggage, waiting for 40 minutes. It was a bit anti climatic to be honest.

The flight itself was alright. I was flying with United Airlines, I have to say it's a bit of a budget airline compared to Delta and US airways. It has tiny tv screens, really tiny. And instead of what Delta had - choosing your own film from hundreds of options at any time you wish - it had 4 channels playing movies that started automatically. So before I realised that, all movies had already started. Sad panda!

The meal United Airways offered was, unlike US and Delta, meat only. The other 2 airlines both had a vegetarian choice but United did not. Now, it's good that I never take the risk and always call to make sure they have a vegetarian meal for me. Michael even tried to talk me out of it this time, claiming they always had a veggie option anyways. But I insisted! So they did have a vegetarian option for me, but it wasn't bound to my name. They just had it in the cart, and had no clue who it was for. So when I mentioned I was vegetarian, they gave it to me. But it could have been possible that another vegetarian who's turn it was before mine, and didn't tell them in advance they were vegetarian, could have sniped my meal!

And as for the snack that they gave 2 hours before landing, they did not have a vegetarian option. But - and this gets United Airlines style points - they then went to first class and got me a tiny plate with 3 delicious fresh cheeses, fresh grapes and 2 crackers to eat it with. Talk about luxurious! So that kind of made up for it.

The domestic flight to Jacksonville had me a little stressed at start. There was this relatively old (70?) asian/american lady in MY SPOT. She was in my SPOT. My spot that I picked out months in advance with extra care. So I showed her she was sitting in my seat, but she was really vague and weird about it. Then she suddenly got up, left all her stuff there and did something at the front of the airplane. I was so confused. So I asked the lady next to her what the heck was going on and that I didn't understand why she was in my spot. That lady told me she thought the seat directly next to it (also an aisle seat, same row) was her actual seat. I then sat there, but I was stressed out that someone would come along and tell me it's their seat. The old asian lady came back and I decided to just stay put and hope for the best.

Then this guy in a suit starts asking people if their seat is 14d (the seat I was sitting on, the asian lady was sitting on 14c - my spot - ). Which makes me panic ofcourse, here is a guy going to steal my not mine seat. But apparently he was from the airline, and the old lady had lost her original ticket and they found it. I pointed them towards her. She then also realised she was in the wrong seat and offered to change with me. By now I had already accepted the loss of it, so I told her it didn't matter and she could stay there.

Isn't that noble of me? :D

layover in Washington

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