Friday, September 13, 2013

Good news

*UPDATE! The morning after I wrote this update I got a wonderful envelope in the mail!

It's so exciting and awesome!! Having that letter in my hands makes it all feel so close and real.


Good news! The application to apply for the visa has been approved! So we are now officially allowed to apply for a visa. Yes you read that right. Apparently it's this thing called bureacracy. Such an efficient and well oiled machine.

I was afraid the approval of the application would take ages and set us back. But we got lucky. It got done way faster than the worst case scenario.
However, when I gave the Christmas estimate, I hadn't taken into account the time this step would have taken. So even though we got approved fast, my personal estimation of when I would get a visa, now has been adjusted to January. And I don't know if things slow down during the holiday season. If they do, perhaps begin February.
But still, finally some progress, a step in the right direction. Little steps, but steps nonetheless.

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