Monday, September 30, 2013


Things have been going a little weird since I'm back. Everything feels quite natural and that's good. But there have been talks and things have been said and I'm not sure what I think about all that. So I don't really know what to do. Right now I'm just trying to enjoy the vacation and the 4 days off I have with Michael. No use in fighting and ruining our relax time. 

I'm leaving it in limbo for now.

We've bought 2 little bookcases for only 15 dollars! It's very nice dark wood, I'll take a picture!

At first we bought one, to put besides my side of the bed. I constantly have to put my water bottles and phone on the floor, it's a little inconvenient. When we saw how good the quality for the price was, we decided to put it on the living room instead. But when putting it together, Michael accidentally put the bottom plank upside down. And the bottom of the plank is light brown instead of dark brown. Unfortunately  he already hammered the nails in there so there was no repairing it. Or, as he himself said: High Risk, Low Reward.

Thus we bought another one for the living room, and put the failed bookcase in the bedroom where noone will see it but us. 

Next, we had the problem of not having a dinner table and chairs. I myself value dinner at a table with the tv off, highly. It's very important to me. Dinner time is the time where you sit with each other or your family and have a little quality time. Sitting on a couch with your plate in your lap, looking at the tv, does not qualify as quality time to me. So we were hunting for a good deal on a dining set.

We visited a lot of places but in the end settled a table in Walmart and separate chairs in Walmart.
There was a mix up though, which resulted in us getting only one set of chairs for the price presented. The other set we would have to buy for 30 dollars more. Yeah... that's not going to happen. So we bought one set. We will go back today, to see if the lady was right or if the offer is still going and buy another set. If we can't get another set, we will bring the chairs we already bought back and search for something else. Michael doesn't mind having 2 nice chairs and then buying 2 uglier ones, but that's a no-go for me. You just CAN'T have 4 chairs at a dinner table that don't match.

So we'll see! I'll let you know if we manage to get the pretty chairs. 

God I even bore myself with this blog, my apologies. Homely things going on here, and they aren't always interesting.

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  1. Still, its nice to see the facts of life:)