Sunday, October 6, 2013

Blizzards and hurricanes

Sitting out here on Michael's parents porch, around 27 degrees celcius in the evening time, makes me wonder how South Dakota can be covered in layers of snow. Tropical storm Karen is on it's way to hit the land, and even stands a tiny chance to turn into a hurricane. So in the North we have blizzards and in the South of the USA we have tropical storms who are potential hurricanes!

It just shows how big the United States of America is. I come from a tiny country, if it rains in one place it will rain in the other. If it's snowing, it's snowing everywhere. But here it's so big and vast, every state is practically their own country. With a different climate. And that's a foreign concept to me.

Person A lives in the USA on October 1st 2013 and so does person B. But A is hiding in his house with the airconditioning on because there's a heatwave, and person B is hiding in his house because the door is blocked by a meter of snow.

I'm happy I'm here in the South, swinging away in a perfect temperature. Wearing a t'shirt, shorts and flipflops. I don't even have a jacket with me.

South Dakota can keep their snow.

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