Saturday, October 12, 2013

It's coming

The time has come. I will collect all papers required for the visa. About 50% is taken care of. One of the more important files I need is Proof of Good Conduct. Which won’t be a problem for this law abiding citizen. They want of me: a list of taken vaccinations, proof of good conduct, 6 American pass photos and proof of our ongoing relationship.

As soon as I have all these papers I am to send the consulate a form indicating I am ready. Then they will schedule an appointment for the interview and for the medical examination and x-ray. These results will be forwarded to the consulate and soon thereafter the interview will occur. If approved, I then have 6 months to go to the States.

Wanting to finish my contracts at both jobs which both end at the end of December, I will be leaving in the month of January. Seems my rough estimate has been quite good! Giving myself time enough to go through my possessions and making sure all Dutch paperwork is taken care off, I will take 2 weeks before making the big move.

Not only do I need to take care of paperwork and possessions, I need to say goodbye to all my friends and family. Maybe a farewell party guys?

I’d like to add, that people are MORE than welcome to visit me/us. We have a lovely guestroom with a 2 person bed. We have great Florida weather, but also air-conditioning if you can’t stand the heat. And the best feature of Casa Michoni is the swimming pool 30 seconds walking distance away from our backdoor! You can have the best and cheapest holiday here. So come all, come.  But eh, please not all at the same time okay? ^_~

After arriving in the United States of America, we shall need to marry within 3 months. We will hurry and rush this process so I can apply to legally work here as soon as possible. This can take 3-6 months. So 3 months will be the minimum that I will be unemployed. That’s heavy.

But let’s not linger on the problems to come, but celebrate a dream almost caught.

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