Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Punch a baby deer in the face

I want to take this opportunity to express my anger and hate. In particularly to people who have the audacity to try and demand a greeting from me. First of all, if you say Good Morning to someone, that person is not obliged to say it back. It is their choice. Same with any other kind of greeting. Hello, Hey, Good Afternoon, How are you, Good Evening, etc.

Now I always respond in kind whenever someone greets me and wishes me a good day. However, if I greet someone and this person does not reciprocate, I don't really care. That is their right.

So what happened to me twice recently, and has happened occasionally over the year.

Example #1. I work in the store. A man in his forties comes in with his daughter who is around her early twenties. As always, I greet them as they enter the store. Hello! I call out to them. His daughter gives me the friendly I have heard you nod. The man walks a few steps and then says Good Afternoon. I give them the smile which tells them I heard them and appreciate their response.

But then the man walks closer to where I am and says Good Afternoon again. I look at him puzzled. Then a couple seconds later he walks straight up to me, looks me in the eye and says - very loudly - Good Afternoon. Obviously demanding a response of me. His daughter stands beside him looking mortified. I say, yes sir, good afternoon, I did greet you when you walked in, you must have not heard me. His daughter confirms this. "Oh okay" and away he walks.

I absolutely wanted to throttle that man. How does he have the audacity to treat me so rudely just because he THINKS I did not greet him, while in fact I was the first one to welcome him in my store. And then, after obviously being rude, he doesn't even give me an oh I'm sorry or anything like that.

Example #2. A case that is not as bad, but because of the recent example #1 I was a little more annoyed by it. It's early morning, 06:45 am. I just arrived in front of the hotel on my bicycle in the rain and was in the process of: parking, locking, removing lights and put a plastic bag over the saddle against said rain.

2 garbage truck men are busy emptying the bins. Good morning says one. I respond in kind, Good morning I call out over my shoulder while locking my bike. A few seconds later, in a more insistent and impolite tone, the garbage truck man again says, Good moorning.

I sigh deeply. Just done with my cycle, I walk past them towards the hotel and hiss "I SAID Good morning, maybe you should listen better instead of demanding another response".

To this he simply laughed. Good for him I suppose, for it was not my intention to ruin anyones day. I on the other hand started my working day infuriated by the rudeness sheltered by so called politeness of some people.

Am I the only one who gets mad by the rudely repeated greeting until you respond, again? Do you think it's also impolite to demand a response? And even more so impolite when they already answered you!?

Let me know what you think. I can't be the only one who wants to punch a baby deer in the face when this happens. 


  1. This never happens to me because I'm a naturally awesome person to be around basically 24 hours / day. And I'm modest.
    But all joking aside, this really never happens to me. I think it's because I always escalate the polite greeting. For instance, if someone says "Good morning", I will always respond with a "Good morning! How are you?" Or something to this effect. I usually don't get a response, and I usually don't give a shit :)

    1. You are very lucky, maybe your voice has better reach and people always hear you!

    2. That is very American though...Is that why they do that? ;-) You should start learning to do that Doni!

    3. I try, but it always ends awkward.

  2. I have a loud voice, so I never experienced something like that:)

    1. I can imagine that! Maybe I should scream my greetings next time. HELLO SIR HOW ARE YOU DOING TODAY!