Thursday, October 3, 2013

Squirrels are more fun than ducks

I'm lying here on the sofa, in front of our open backdoor. Basking in the sun like a cat. I look outside and I see beautiful trees. They are deciduous but I don't think I've seen them in the Netherlands before. Around the branches of these elegant trees, tufts of moss are artfully draped. It gives a fairytale feeling. A little too pretty to be normal.

Every now and then a branch bops up and down and the leaves rustle. A squirrel gnaws on a nut, his little paws holding it and his little teeth biting it. Another squirrel vaults on his branch, and the first one looks up in alarm. The nut disappears and he scampers away. Its like he's made out of paper, he moves so lightly. His tail points straight and stiff behind him. My guess is it's a balance thing.

Squirrels on the ground look up at the sudden movement, see it's just their squirrel friend and continue to dig in the ground. What they are exactly doing is a mystery to me. Digging hidden nuts up. Or hiding them away for the winter?

By the grace of their tails they seem to move like a wave. Hop hop, smell the ground, hop hop smell the ground. He finds a nut, sits on his hind legs, tail arched behind him and nibbles on it. Another suspiciously glares at the sky. Maybe a drop of rain hit him on the head? I would glare too.

3 of them scamper around the thick trunk of a tree, in what I assume is play. Then a human walks by. All in sight vanish, camouflaged and frozen. If you look well, you can see the little eyes peering at the human, assessing the danger.

I stretch on the sofa and get up to get myself an iced tea. The little creatures ignore me.

Squirrels are so darn more interesting than ducks.

Squirrels, wanna, they wanna have fun, squirrels

Wanna have fun
They just wanna, they just wannahaaahaaa
They just wanna, they just wannahaaahaaa
Squirrels wanna, wanna have fun squirrels.

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