Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tangled thread

I'm not good at critical thinking when it concerns politics. This post is a somewhat tangled and messy thread of thoughts. My feelings of worry influence a big part of my life. Such as wanting to have a little house somewhere remote. Or such as my big collection of survival books. So even though I can't properly explain what I mean, I feel I should write about it, since it affects the topic of this blog. Catching dreams. My worry for society shapes my dream into wanting to have a safe haven in case all hell breaks loose. 

My fondness of dystopian books is counter intuitive. I read to escape from an already depressing world. Because reality is often disturbing. Thus, I read, to lose myself in another world. Then why would I read about books where the world is even worse than ours. Not only worse, but they believe it is paradise while in fact it's the opposite.

Dramatic movies with bad endings are taboo for me. I refuse to watch them, claiming I don't need fiction to make me feel terrible. Just watch the news.
Books seem to be the exception, and I do not comprehend why this is. It's possible that the books manage to put into words what I feel in my heart, while movies do not get the message across. We are on a crossroad where the development of our world could go so many ways. And it is all too easy to imagine that we as a human race choose the wrong path. Dystopian books show me that possible future and make it more real.

But this gets a little too philosophical, that is not my strongest suit. I will leave that to the late night drunk conversationalists who think they are brilliant and deep. However, I cannot ignore the fact that it does worry me.

What makes me write about this now, and not before, is the Dutch government. Especially in relation to the spyness of it all. Big Brother is watching us. Apparently the Netherlands is particularly active in spying on our phone calls and reading our text messages. After this whole Wikileaks and Snowden stuff, all our Goverment says is: It is necessary to combat terrorism, though we are worried about our privacy. But even Ray McGovern, an old CIA emplyee, says we shouldn't allow this to happen. That the extent of spying going on in the world, and in particular the States (my future home!) is not necessary to combat terrorists and in fact even hamper it (source). And sadly, most Dutch people say: Go ahead spy on me, I have nothing to hide.

It seems to me that the Netherlands could easily evolve into a form of government like in 1984. A totalitarian government where they are watching your every move and pretend this is the perfect world to live in, and for the greater good. More security cameras are being installed, our phones are tapped without reason, banned books, mandatory fingerprints, police patting you down without cause in "risk areas", readily access to your internet accounts/public transport data and internet censorship.

And of course the Dutch people let it all happen. We will be the cause of our own downfall. I hope I'll be safe in my cabin in the middle of nowhere when that happens. 

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