Monday, November 25, 2013

Visa Interview

Tomorrow is the deciding day. I will keep this short, because I have things to prepare. This is the reason why I have been so low on blog updates lately. The all important and all defining interview will happen tomorrow. I will go to the consulate in Amsterdam, where they will quiz me to see if I actually meet the requirements. Emails, photo's and chat logs have been printed. My bank statement lies ready and I made notes for the possible questions they will ask me.

If I screw up, that´s it. No emigration. If everything goes right, I will permanently move to the United States of America, Florida, in January. Yes, that early!

I´m very excited for it to all be over, and me just happily living together with Michael in our own apartment. Say this interview ends bad - which it won't - then the other option is the American Friendship act. It means Michael can start a business in the Netherlands and acquire a visa that way. It's much more expensive, and not at all what we want, but hey, at least there is a back-up plan.

Now it's time to make copies of all my documents and organise them in such a way I can find them in a second! Odds are I will know at the end of the day (tomorrow) if I have been approved or not. I will let you know.


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