Friday, November 29, 2013

Working out

I posted a while back about this Abs challenge. I've dutifully followed the exercise regiment everyday and I am very proud of myself. 3 more days of working out and I will have finished what seemed like an impossible challenge. Normally I'm not the exercising type, I rather sit on my ass in front of the computer, or on a couch reading a book. But this one, for some reason, caught my fancy.

Just exercising for 24 days will not bring miracles or obvious results. I am aware of this. So I paired it with quitting chocolate for a while. About 4-6 days into my challenge I realised I was addictively eating chocolate. Way too much of it and too often. Since I like to see results of what I do, I decided to remove chocolate from my diet and take it easy on desserts in the hopes of seeing improvement. The first 2 days I was constantly thinking about chocolate, and I became aware I was probably addicted to it. It does have stuff in it that makes you crave it, makes your body crave it. But now that I haven't eaten it for a while it's really easy.

My body has a delicate balance when it comes to weight. I aim for 50 kilograms, although 48 would be the considered "ideal" weight for me. When I gain one or two kilo's, it is immediately noticeable in my face and stomach. Once, I weighed 55 kilograms. All you out there are laughing, only 5 kilo. But seriously, I looked FAT. I had a chubby face and all my pants were way too tight. Mild weight changes effect me exponentially. Because I weigh so little and am so small, a kilo for me is more than a kilo for you.

Dieting on chocolate in combination with the exercises had an immediate effect on my body. I mean, you probably won't see much of a difference, but I lost one and a half kilo and trimmed some of the fatties away on my stomach.

Good times! Perhaps I shall work out more often. It gives me a proud and accomplished feeling. 

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