Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Written in blood

Well that low didn't take very long (see previous blog). I feel great now! The only thing bothering me still  is a insanely annoying cut on my right middle finger, right by/under the nail. It keeps opening and bleeding, and it hurts. Even while typing :( so you better appreciate me writing this update! It is written in blood.

I actually wanted to give this "article" the title; Mountain. As in, a valley because I felt bad, and now mountain because I feel good. But written in blood sounds cooler,  and typing this really does hurt.

Maybe the terrible and mind numbing pain of my poor little cut shows me the wonders of life! No, really, all kidding aside, I think my "I don't feel good in my own skin" period is over. This blog helped me put in perspective what was wrong with me, and once I wrote it down I could work on it. Such is the power of the mind, huzah.

This was my method.

The weather has been typically Dutch: overcast, rainy, cold. It's nice. I decided to take a walk in the park next to my house, in the rain. A variation of what Michael de Graaf suggested in a comment on the previous article. He suggested meditation. However, since I do not know how to meditate, I did the next best thing. Immersing myself in greenery and nature. It brings me back to the things I really love, and what really matters.

Then, I read some reviews about the antibiotics I'm taking. Man, those people have it bad. Obviously only people who have something wrong with them will leave a review so I wasn't worried. But I did feel lucky to only have my sleep influenced. So I looked at the future and knew being tired for 2 weeks was not the end of the world, and that I should get over myself. Which I did.

Once those things were accomplished, I focused on why I like to work, during work. This brought back the pleasure in working again. Moving, staying busy, having a purpose, helping people to have an enjoyable time, experience or item. Learning new things as long as you want to.

Today I learned how to clean glass without it looking like a snowstorm!
Yesterday I made a salad I was proud of and that people ate!

And as the cherry on top, today I heard I won the ISO14001 test my hotel gave its employees. As a prize I get a voucher to go the Novotel Leuven for 2 nights including breakfast! And it's for 2 persons. Isn't that awesome?
I erased the other 2
names for privacy purposes
Time to stop typing and spare my finger. Until the next time!

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  1. Dat ben jij echt hè, op dat plaatje....;-) Mocht je kiezen welke stad je wilde? One thing though....this weather IS NOT NICE!