Thursday, December 19, 2013

Everybody is busy


me riding my bicycle
It's been quite a few days since my last post, but even I can't blame myself. The holiday season is coming and December is a busy busy month. Shopping for gifts, trying to spend time with friends and family and still working my 2 jobs. Someone asked me what I do in my free time, and right now, it's sleeping. I take a lot of naps, to try and cope with my irregular working hours. As long as I sleep enough, I feel okay. There were 3-4 days in a row where I was short on my sleep, and you could immediately tell . Grumpy, distant, less effective and I felt stressed and a little panicked about everything I still have to do.

But now that I made sure I am rested again, the world is more manageable. I promised myself I wouldn't add on to the holiday stress by trying to accomplish things I need to do for my emigration. So far I succeeded in this, but it's tempting. When you work much, you need to be very careful to keep a healthy balance. It's easy to get overstrained/overworked if you don't pay attention, and when that happens you lose more time to recovery than (in my case) I would have gained being emigration productive.

Michael and I are hardly seeing each other these days. Both being very busy at work and life and having our schedules clash makes for an almost skypeless week. It's not as bad as it sounds, because we know that soon enough I'll be in Florida and it won't be a problem. But I do miss talking things over with Michael. All my mundane decisions in life now go without his advice!

Working so much has reaped it's benefits. My savings account is where I want it to be, and since I'll work a little longer in January than I anticipated, my savings will even be a little higher than expected! I need to buy a car as soon as possible once I arrive in Gainesville. My laptop is at least - if not more - 3 years old and I expect its demise any day now. So I have money set aside for that. And just those 2 things will already cost me like 4000 dollars! And then of course I want to have a little extra money to buy my own things, like some house decorations, kitchen machines and clothing.

In these days I have went to the hotel Christmas party, disco bingo night, and I won a delicious pie, but my amazing high heels broke off :(

I have gotten free tickets to the Christmas circus, and I will be going with my brother and his son (my nephew) and my sister.

 My mother and her boyfriend will be going on their holiday in Leuven. That's a weekend I won at work for having made a good "exam" for this course day we had to follow. Since I don't have Michael here, I gave it to them to enjoy.

My horsebackriding days in the Netherlands will be over soon. Coming Monday is the last day I will ride! And my second last RPG day in Amsterdam was last week, and the very last one will be the 9th.

A beautiful night in Amsterdam

That is all.

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