Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's official

My passport has come in the mail together with a scary sealed envelope. It has big letters on it which say DO NOT OPEN. Very tempting, but that package needs to be given to the guy at the airport who let's me in. Better I control myself and not open it.

Now it's time to book my airplane ticket. I'm thinking I'll book it the 25th of January. I would prefer the 18th, but in this case I figure it's better to take a little extra time to make sure I have everything taken care of. I won't be back for quite a while, so all the paperwork, cancellations and address changes need to be perfect. And not the least important, I need to say goodbye to my friends and family. Now the emigration is a close reality everyone around me is telling me they don't really want to see me go. Noone believed this would actually happen. I was always fully honest and up front with the proceedings, but I suppose they thought it would go wrong somewhere. Michael and I got into a fight over the flying date. I prefer a week later and he accused me of constantly putting it off. The worry he has I understand, but to be honest I find it more important to leave with good closure, than to keep my boyfriend happy with a week early.

A stressful time is coming for me. I don't see myself as a material girl, but I hate to throw my stuff away. I have now started project "Find my belongings a good home". The bamboo fighting stick I was talking about in one of my earliest writings will go to my old friend Roy. We initially bought them together, so I figured now (10 years later) he might want the set! And he did! One lovely awesome item has found a good home.

Then the chest I wrote about in the same article has found it's way to my best friend Jessica! She generally likes the same oldish medieval taste in furniture so she'll take good care of it.
Obviously getting rid of my stuff has the lowest priority. When I looked up a check list for emigrations I made my own to-do list and boy is it long. It's good I made a list, it makes it a bit more manageable.

My acquaintances ask me about my plans. Am I lazy for not wanting to repeat the same story over and over again? It's driving me a little crazy.

Yes America.
No not Orlando, about 3-4 hours drive North of there.
Nope no work yet, will take a couple of months.
Yes, I will marry him yes.
No, not a big deal.
Yeah it's scary.
Yes I have a home.
I've been there, it's fine.
He's a court analyst, yeah he earns well enough for now.
Oh how interesting that you and everyone else has been to Florida for holiday or wants to go, please do tell me more.

Oh well, just 1.5 months and I can tell the story in reverse!


  1. Although i sure am happy for you... i Am gonna miss you! And Will cry out loud hen you go... prepare yourself!!! Fem..

    1. I will have a goodbye party of course! I'm thinking of doing it in the hotel I work. It's a nice bar and neutral surroundings.

  2. I have to say it bugs me immensely that Michael gets angry with you at every turn (and now he will probably be angry at you for writing about it). It is selfish. You do your best to take care of everything as good as possible, and if he knows so much better, he should have applied for a visum here ;-)

    1. That's very sweet of you to defend me like that. But you can't blame him that he's scared that I'll chicken out at the last moment. The sooner I'm there, the sooner he can relax. It's only natural!

  3. Marit I rest my case.....