Thursday, December 26, 2013

It's the season

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope everyone had a very nice Christmas. Mine was not fantastic but averagely acceptable. The older I get, the less I start to care about Christmas. It's mainly a whole lot of stress for no particular reason. The decorations are nice though.

Tomorrow is my last day at the store! I'm very excited about it, as it is one more step closer moving to the USA. It will give me a lot more free time to get things done. My excitableness level isn't where it should be. Worries and doom scenarios are roaming through my mind. But with every important journey and decision I go through this. It's simply my natural inclination to only think of the worst things that can happen. Thankfully I've learned to ignore the black thoughts trying to change my mind. Examples of when I go through the same thing; switching high schools (this was an EXCELLENT decision), first driving lesson (a necessary evil that I am glad I went through), visiting Michael for the first time, all airplane flights, standing my ground on a principal matter when everyone else tries to change my mind (seriously, that is a hard thing to do, peer pressure is a bitch), going on a euro train trip with my best friend and leaving New Zealand to go home.

In all occasions I was worried and doubtful, but I am glad I went through with all of them. And this is how it will be this time. I know this in my head, but the rest is worrying me to no end! It is all part of it, how can someone move to another country without being scared?

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