Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Visualisation of the dream

My ticket has been booked. The date is 25th of January! I told my hotel work that I'd be leaving. The contract was until the 9th, and I was planning to be completely off afterwards. However, they said they would like me to work until the 20th and thus offer me a second contract of 11 days. Which is kind of funny. I agreed to it, but I will tell them I want to work a maximum of 3 days a week. A girl's gotta have time to say goodbye to all her friends and family!

But now I'm still in working mode. I manage to trim a day off per week, so instead of 50h a week I'm closer to the 40h a week. Which makes a ton of difference to be honest. That extra time in a week is golden.

I thought I would have issues with "selling" my stuff, but I looked around and I concluded I don't have that much. Most of what I have is worthless junk. The famed bamboo stick went to the friend I bought the sticks with. My prized chest will go to my best friend, who enjoys the same style of furniture as I do. The clock of my grandma I will take with me.

Funny story, I actually acquired an extra item. I have gotten a painting from Michael as my early Christmas gifts (and awesome earrings!). I found this cheap but qualitative store in The Hague with real paintings and big too. They had sick discounts. After the true love of our lives was sold before we bought it, we settled for my second favourite one, and Michael's third favourite one.

What I love about it, is that it symbolizes the dream. My dream to journey, to go to beautiful places and find that perfect location to get a lovely cottage/cabin/home. The more I look at it the more it draws you in. I can't wait to unwrap it and hang it up when I get HOME.

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