Monday, January 27, 2014

Mission completed!

Achievement immigration gained! I'm legally in the States on my K-1 visa. As soon as I get my Social Security Number we can apply to get married, and if the time frame allows it, it will be February 14th! Perhaps you would think that is a cheesy or romantic date. However we have chosen this date because both Michael and I are terrible with remembering trivial stuff like events that happened on specific dates. So we figure, let's marry on Valentines day and we'll never forget.

Win all around.

The flight went without a hitch. When I arrived in Minneapolis one of the officers saw me hauling my big brown immigration envelope so I got herded to a way shorter line and within 10 minutes I could go through customs. If you'd seen the line you would know how lucky that was. Then I waited approximately half an hour in a different room. More people waited here, I suppose all immigrants or something like it. 

He called my name, quickly went over with me what the K-1 visa was, and then I was on my way for my second flight! Where I sat right next to an emergency exit (which was kind of scary and a big responsibility) and next to a pilot. Which I thought was very interesting.

Magically Michael was on time with picking me up which pleased me greatly. It's so good to see him again. That day I managed to stay up and sleep around 11-12pm and that way I pretty much took care of my jetlag. All in all, a big success trip.

Success besides leaving my family behind ofcourse. Everyone went to the airport with me to say goodbye. That meant a lot to me and thankfully we all kept it dry or else I'd be crying in the airplane. My sister gave me a photo book of my life with my brother and sister right before I left. That was a good gift with great memories. I'll be looking in that book very often.

Here are some pictures of my day today. It shows what is around where I live. I got a new phone (HTC One) so I hope the pictures are good!

The front door!

Back door! And if you look carefully to the left
you can see the fence of the swimming pool.
Swimming pool from afar.

Swimming pool!
Squirrel by the swimming pool!
Part of the road from the shops to home.
Same road but now with the
car road.
Halfway to the shops! This is btw me walking BACK
to home, so the direction the photo's are facing are to
our appartement.

If you look right on the bridge of
the last photo you see this.

Just a random bush on my walk!
When you open
our front door.

Our command station.


  1. Nice pictures Doni:) We had to laugh alot about the humor in your text:)

    1. Haha thanks! I have even more but I don't wanna use it all up in one go.

  2. Nice pictures!

    You are going to get married on the same date Sirirat and me did by the way.

    1. Yeah I hope so, but how it's looking now, we might not make it :(