Saturday, February 22, 2014

And the thunder rolls

Awimbawe awimbawe, awimbawe awimbawe, in the jungle the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight!

So I watched the Lion King again. And I watched Tinkerbell and the Secret of the Wings, and rewatched the original first episode of Star Wars where Han Solo shot first!

Why would she waste her time watching these movies you might say? Because Florida FINALLY had some bad weather in store for me. Hurray! Yeah that's a mindfuck isn't it? Especially my darling people in Europe who are just suffering the cold and wet. I feel you, I really do. But if every day is a beautiful day, with a perfect temperature, blue skies where you see hawks flying and trees with squirrels courting, then you feel guilty for not going outside and enjoying it. Every. Single. Day.

How can you not sit by the pool with a cool glass of iced tea and letting the sun vitamins absorb in your body. How can you not go to the lovely park that is a 5 minutes walk from your house, and watch the natural meandering creek flow by with little tiny fish swimming in it, while an owl hoots and slowly glides from tree to tree?

But after a while it gets a little frustrating. Sometimes you just want to sit inside like a hermit in your pyjamas, all windows closed and listening to the rain fall while you read a book. Or watch a movie. Or make some muffins. You get my point.

I couldn't allow myself these luxuries. It would be a waste of this perfect climate. In a couple of weeks this perfect 24 degrees Celsius - with a not a cloud in the sky - will turn into a sweltering sauna with daily thunderstorms (more chance to get hit by lightning than winning the lottery!). As such I obligatory enjoyed all my wonderful days.

And then it started to rain for 2-3 days! Thick dark clouds, rain falling in such an intensity that the Dutch sewer system (or the English) wouldn't be able to handle it. I couldn't have been happier! I made good use of it. Michael also made good use of it. He put together the 2 desks we bought, and my desk chair. We now have a new command center. The place is really starting to come together.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Stable Assistant

I found a stable that had an advert on Craigslist that they were looking for an extra stable assistant. In exchange for a "workday" of 4 hours you would then be able to get a free lesson. I got into contact with them and today I came by to see what was what. Tomorrow I will tag along with an assistant who has volunteered there for a couple of years who will show me the ropes!

Needless to say I'm extremely excited. This was exactly what I was looking for. I'm getting experience in my desired field (for free) AND I get free lessons for every day worked. What more could I want at this moment in my life! My volunteer days will most likely be Wednesday and Thursday, from 2 to 6. Which will be a problem for Michael, because he gets off at 5 and I will have the car. He will either take public transport (a real hassle here and a little unsanitary) or work extra hours. He has been a little inert on the subject of buying a second car, so I'm hoping this will nudge him in the right direction.

My social security number card has arrived in the mail and I am now capable of marrying. In my previous update I wrote that the 14th wouldn't be feasible and that I was looking for another date. We decided on the last day of February. This way, we'll only get it wrong once every 4 years. I'm ready for the marry part to be done. People all want to blow it out of proportion and trying to stuff a ceremony down my throat, but I just want to sign the paper and be done with it. Ring on finger (I don't even like wearing rings to be honest, going to have to get used to that) and chapter closed. It is also time to get the paperwork for my work visa out the door. Things take so loooong.

For the rest, I'm finding my way here relatively easy. I make sure I feel at home and don't get too down. I eat healthy breakfasts and lunch, and run every other day on the treadmill. Michael is having a little trouble adjusting to my presence however. He must have really gotten used to being alone.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How to feel at home

A little more than a week has passed. I have had time to settle in and get adjusted. The jetlag was not a problem. And by that I mean, said jetlag did not exist. Another surprise was that I did not get sick. So you could say that the literal move from the Netherlands to the United States of America was as successful as one could hope for.

I set my first mark in our house by opening my suitcase. A big explosion must have occurred when I wasn’t paying attention, suddenly all my clothes decorated the bedroom as if I was living there for months.

Secondly, Michael and I had ordered poster maps online. They had been waiting for my arrival to adorn the walls. A 24 by 36 inch Lord of the Rings map, a 24 by 36 Game of Thrones map and a 27 by 40 inch map of the world, in antique colors. Two are now decorating our wall. The third frame has a crack and thus will be exchanged for a whole one.

And lastly, it was time for me to put my stamp on the contents of our cabinets, fridge and freezer. A great scouring of Wal-Mart, Target and Wards (local organic supermarket) took care of the severe contentual limitations. Unfortunately I also felt this in my wallet, but sacrifices have to be made for om noms.

Now that all of this has occurred I feel right at home. The only things missing are a hobby sport and some new friends. Both of which I’m working on. I’m looking into volunteer work for an animal shelter or perhaps on a retirement horse farm. Several riding schools have appealed to me, but I haven’t decided if I want to start spending money on a weekly basis when I have nothing coming in. if I manage to get some volunteer work with horses, I don’t mind waiting a couple of months before I start taking lessons again.

As for making new friends, Michael’s RPG group has welcomed me in their midst, so there will be a social outing at least once a week. Furthermore, I have signed up for several meetup groups. My first meetup will be Friday, 7 pm at a Starbucks. This one is of the Yoga meetup group and is to get to know one another. Another is the 26st for a meet, greet and eat. That one is for the ‘Girls just wanna have fun’! Good chances on meeting awesome people.

The first bureaucratic step has been taken today. I applied for my social security number. A helpful site advised immigrants to wait 2 weeks before applying; sometimes it takes a while to get into the system. I took my chances and waited a week. Everything went as it should. Sadly, it takes 10 days before I get my SSN. This translates into; no Valentine day wedding for Michael and I. We now have to think of another date that is super easy to remember.