Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dark grey

Yes, I got married Friday. Unfortunately, that is the last thing on the minds of me, Michael and his friends and family. Yesterday Michael's best friend died. Enough to say this is a tough and trying time. I'm just glad I can be there for him.

So although I wanted to write an update about the happy things in my life, that will have to wait. Someone died who was only 28 years old. Who had his whole life ahead of him. A mother lost a son, 2 brothers lost their brother and Michael lost his best friend who he grew up with. The injustice of it is not something anyone can put into words.

I don't like to write about things that I don't really have a right to, so I will not say anything further about this subject. Just enough to let everyone know that we are going through a difficult time right now.
Michael and his best friend

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