Monday, March 10, 2014

First riding lesson in over 2 months

Finally I had my first riding lesson. The lesson was half flat, half jumping. To my surprise, the jumping was sorta? fun. I rode a gigantic horse named Pedro who had the sweetest facial expression. I suppose I should have taken a picture, but I don't think of these things. The riding went well, I wasn't as rusty as I thought I would be. The adjusting to a new instructor always takes some getting used to. But in principal, every instructor tells you the same, but describes it very different. Once you get what they mean and can translate it to what you already know, it all flows easy.

The instructor today was very nice, I liked her way of teaching. She was patient with me, noticed I was a little insecure about the jumping and thus made sure the jumps weren't too challenging. We were supposed to be with 3 riders (including me) but one girl didn't show up. Pretty much a private lesson I'd say!

We started out just riding around warming up, just like I'm used to. Only less focused on the figures. Direction and figures are up to the rider, but I think - not sure about this - that the pace is determined by the instructor. She made sure I was riding like a frog, perching on top of my saddle. I felt ridiculous, but I suppose that's normal in the jumping world.

Right off the bat I did a double jump. Not having successfully done a double jump yet, I was a little nervous. You had to stop (halt) at the end of the jumps to make sure you have the horse under control. The arena looked like this:
blue = water (it had been raining) brown is other jumps we didn't use
So the first one was a horizontal jump of maybe up to my knees and the second one a cross. The first time I went over it I was a little wobbly but it went well. I went 3 times total. After that a third jump was added.
And it wasn't even that difficult. Apparently the key to jumping is the horse. You need to have a horse that wants to jump and is build for it. Then all you have to do it stay out of it's way! That makes jumping a whole lot more fun in my opinion. There is a lot to work on though. My balance could be better, I don't put enough pressure on my stirrups and as a result my heels are not low enough. And once I start jumping higher I need to crouch down lower.

A very successful day. I still have a big preference for dressage though. The jumping is fun, but I rather work on the horse. Have the focus on it's body and what's happening underneath me. Hopefully the dressage lessons will start soon, they are working on it!


  1. Crap, mn bericht is weg... :( Opnieuw: Dus 3 hindernissen gelijk na elkaar, zonder tussenstappen? Stoer man. En had je deze week nou nog meer proeflessen? Ik vind t wel echt superleuk (voor je) dat je dit kan doen man, echt een ervaring! Mazzelaar ;-) Maar ik wil nog veel meer info, wanneer gaan we bellen? Ik probeerde je zondag te skypen, maar je nam niet op.

  2. Er zaten wel tussenstappen bij. Ik denk 2, Dus spring, hobbel hobbel, spring, hobbel hobbel, spring. Ja ik probeer je rond 6 uur wel even te bellen!

    1. Ga vanavond met mama uit eten, dus dat wordt 'm niet.