Friday, May 2, 2014

Wrong Check

Here I was thinking the application of the visa and working permit was all over and it was just waiting now. Michael was freaking out because it had been at least a month since I sent it, and we hadn't heard anything. After a week of not checking the mail because we weren't expecting any, he decided to check. There he found the full application package returned. The problem? The check was dated for 2013, instead of 2014. You had one job, husband!

I don't mind too much though, it's not like I am jumping up and down to get back to work. That would be Michael instead. He shot himself in the foot with that tiny mistake and this 1.5 month delay. I mailed the application again start this week with a correct check. I hope it will be cashed by Monday and that this whole process will hurry up.

Today I was added to our lease. This is necessary if I want to get my Florida drivers license. The requirement is to have 2 official-ish papers that show where you live. A copy of the lease would be accepted, and mail from the government to your address. I need my drivers license not only to drive, but it is necessary to open a bank account in Florida. According to other expats, Florida is one of the more difficult states to get a bank account. Here I was thinking the bank account would be the least of my problems.

My boss Regina had free tickets for a horse event; Gala of the Royal Horses. It is a relatively popular event in Europe and I had heard of it before. I had really wanted to go but I knew Michael wouldn't like it and I didn't think I had to luxury of spending that money. Now I got to go with all kinds of amazing horse people who could actually appreciate it! I had a blast.

It has been quite hot here lately, and even though it was very humid, there was a dry-spell. Now the clouds have finally gotten heavy enough and we have a week of non-stop rain and floods. I suppose it feels a lot cooler, but I could really use some waterproof boots!

Tomorrow I am going to volunteer at a dressage competition. Equine competitions are always looking for volunteers and I never experienced a competition before. This is a great opportunity! I do have to get up really early on a Saturday and I HATE that. Sacrifices must be made I'm afraid.
It better be fun.