Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Things and stuffs

The job hunt is going well. I'm being very picky where I apply and get responses quite quickly! I think it is just a matter of time before I find the right fit for me.

There was a thunder storm here, and I got to enjoy it on our balcony. It was very impressive and I made a video for my Dutch people who I bet will enjoy it as much as I did.

Michael and I have just planned our first holiday together since I moved here! The original plan was a sort of honey moon, but it got delayed and delayed. But finally we got it planned. We will go hiking in the Smoky Mountains in the last week of September. We got all our equipment except Michael's shoes. The tents, the mats, the backpacks, sleeping bags, maps, emergency kit, water filter and pans. Whatever we are missing we have plenty of time to purchase.

I was really pushing Michael for doing a back country trip, where you have to take your gear with you in your backpack instead of doing day-hikes from one location. He wasn't really feeling it, but puppy eyes mixed with glares and reasonable arguments finally convinced him! Woohoo! We will take it really easy, and hike a very low amount of miles each day to ease ourselves into it. The first day is very easy and lovely, with swimming holes and beautiful waterfalls, and almost no ascension. That's about 6 miles and we will get to our lovely camp ground with plenty of day light left. This is mainly to warm us up, and make sure Michael will enjoy the hike. If I'd spring a heavy hike on him immediately, he will not think it is fun at all! Now the second day is a little bit rougher for us beginners. We will have an ascension of 2500 ft and horizontally hike 7 miles. My estimate is that it will take us 8.5 hours with breaks and a leisurely pace. Here we will see if Michael is cut out for back country hiking. I really hope he is, but if it is no fun for him I shall have to accept it.

We will hike to the top of a mountain and camp there. The views are supposed to be amaaaazing. I can't wait. Then the third day is all down hill and a little boring, but gets us back to the car.

right up is our door!
On another note; we just moved! Our apartment is smaller but it feels so much more like home. It's nicer and feels roomier. I will definitely post pictures when we are done decorating, but here are the pictures of when the place was empty.

living room, kitchen and dining area



living room

A thunder storm outside, our balcony is the perfect
place to watch it.

watching the thunder storm

Monday, August 4, 2014


I have received my work authorization card! It took a long time, 7 months. Much longer than I anticipated, since my worst case scenario estimate was 6 months. But here it is, finally. And just in time too. Our car has died and a very costly reparation has pretty much emptied my bank account. We will also be moving starting August 18th, and security deposits and double rents do not help my cause.

Thus it is time to find a job. But what I have always been struggling with is the question of what I want to do. Initially I thought I could get away with a low paid job that I enjoyed, but reality is different. I will need to work full-time or close to full-time in order to have enough funds to get around.

Which probably means getting a soul-killing office job. Ideally I'd like to use my Bachelors degree, but living in a college town kind of lowers the value of a degree. Also, the degrees in the States are much, much easier to obtain than in Europe. So the employers wouldn't understand the value of my European degree. Any job regarding the environment is almost impossible to find for 2 reasons. #1 is that if you use the word environment, all you get is cleaning jobs. #2 is that the USA does not care about the environment, and thus there are almost no jobs in this area.

The government itself has some cool park jobs, but I do not qualify because they require the people to be citizens to apply for those particular jobs.

The search is officially on now though. So whatever I'll decide, I'll have to decide soon.