Monday, September 8, 2014

New house

The new house is amaaaazing. I love the vibe and the spaciousness of it. I'm also dedicated to keeping it super clean, and so far I've been holding up quite well. Because it's not cluttered the cleanliness of my house matters more to me. I've even been making the bed everyday! Who'd have known?

My sister... is coming to the States to visit me! She's coming with Thanksgiving and I'm sooo excited to show her around and hang out with her. She's going to love the Thanksgiving, because Michael's family is pretty awesome and very southern like people. My sister likes to immerse her self in the local culture so this is perfect! Of course she is reasonably familiar with it since she lived a year in Florida in her teens, but still! And I can't wait to share all the horsey stuff in my life. We had riding lessons together for 4 years, so it's really a hobby we share.

Job hunting goes on pretty well. I narrowed down what I am really looking, outside job, working with animals, for so now my hesitancy is gone. In my free time I make sure I clean some of the house to keep up and I try to go the barn as much as I can. That usually results in 3 times a week, sometimes 4 if I'm lucky. It's a long drive though, and even though the gas prices in USA are way cheaper than Europe, it's significant for your bank account.

In less than 2 weeks Michael and I have our camping trip! I'm so excited. I'm really hoping Michael will fall in love with hiking and we will do it more often. However, knowing Michael... it won't really be his thing. But I'm already grateful he's willing to try.

Since my life has a pretty good routine going right now I will post some pictures for a more complete overview. You'll notice they are only Doni/Horse pictures, but that's because Michael doesn't really like to be on photo's or take them.

I'm wearing the purple shirt, helping raise jumps